Art of Surfing

The Art of Surfing is a film which illustrates the strength of community in Newquay, Cornwall, made possible by the partners

Visionary work is only truly possible with the support of visionary people

film production – Tim Boydell, Light Colour Sound
project production – Sara Black, greyblackwhite
artist – Ben Allen
surfboard blanks – Tris Cokes, Homeblown
board shaper – Matt Adams, Adams Surfboards
board production – Tom Cullen, Adams Industries
photographer – Callum Sampson
board rider – Georgie Timson

This film was made with the support and financial contribution of twenty seven crowdfunders and Feast Cornwall – thank you

with special thanks to: Maggie Allen, Tom Allen, Robin Allsop, Kristen Bender, Tina Boydell, Go Chocolat Mobile Chocolat Bar, Paul Carter, Louise Clasby, Julie Craine, John Digby & Andee Nixon, Andrew Gilhespy, Neil Jones, KEO Digital, James Manton, Katie & Ben Murphy, Josie Purcell Shutterpod, Albie & Poppy Smithson, Sound Technique Music School

with additional support from: Georgie & Oscar Allen; Martin, Maia, Louis & Poppy Garner; Stacy Rigby, Charlotte & Vince Timson