// Dir: Inge Wegge and Edda Grjotheim, Nor.

Following on from the premiere of North of the Sun at the 2012 LS/FF, multi award winning filmmaker Inge Wegge is heading back into the wilds with his two brothers, this time searching for surf on an uninhabited island high in the Arctic Circle. Bombarded by swell, scoured by winds and illuminated by 24hr sunlight, Bjørnøya is named after it’s main inhabitants, a large population of Polar Bears. Will the guys stoke levels keep them going in a land where disaster is always just around the corner.


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World Premiere: TAKING SHAPE, Dir. Mike Guest, UK

In life, the best things are almost always the simple things. Surfing, in its essence, is simple. Much like music. Born for fun, pure enjoyment and intrinsically connect by those that love both. This film is an exploration of the link between music and surfing, through creating something new and sharing it with friends. Shot on the beautiful and wave rich Hebrides.