David Carson

David Carson has surfed for over 40 years. He redesigned Surfer magazine in the early 90’s as art director. His graphic desgin work has appeared in Surfers Journal, Surfing magazine’s Explorations, the book “Surf Culture” and Surfers Path. He has designed the logo for magicseaweed, Glide, and many others. In college he competed professionally and had a signature model surfboard, as well as a signiature model fin design. His work has been called the “most important work coming out of America”, and the Surfrider Foundation calls his work the “most influential of our generation”. Newsweek magazine said of David’s work,”He changed the public face of graphic design”

Last year alone (2010/11), David designed  covers for Huck magazine, Little White Lies, Monster Children, Surfers Path, a piece for Metropolis magazine (nyc) on ’Localism”, worked as creative director for BOSE speakers worldwide, designed  branding for the NYC pro surf contest, as well as the overall branding and look of the Quiksilver Pro in France. David also designed 3 posters for San Sabastion Surf Film Festival 2011, as well as the branding for the Salvador Dali Musieum in St. Petersburg. He also designed the cover of the Portugal based mag Search, as well as Yale Universitiys art catogue, and Harvard architecture professor Paul Andersons book “Patterns”. David is the subject of a documentary currently being completed, ”The Carson Project” as well as a feature in Vice magazine. An article in EYE magazine (London) showed David to be “the most googled designer on the planet”. He was also commisiioned for a poster for Manchester United’s summer tour of America.

David’s lecture and exhibition schedule in 2011 has taken him to france, sweden, Turkey, argentina, serbia, portugal, and spain. He has directed numeorus commercials, and other film projects, including a commercial for Bose headphones that ran during lasy years Emmy awards.

His new book, his 6th, “The Rules of Graphic Design” will be published in 2012.

David continues to surf regulary, especially at his home break (his front yard) at Kane Garden Bay, in the Caribbean. He rides a 5.8 mini-simmons twinzer.