Event information reads: 7-9th November 2024, Riverside Studios, London, Surf / Film / Art / Culture

Exit // European Premiere

EXIT - Reef Premiere

EXIT – Reef Premiere

Saturday 6th June we’re heading to Carnmarth Hotel, Newquay for the European premiere of Exit, Directed by Brian Hanson & Tait Hawes – the latest film offering from our friends at REEF. The film kicks off at 6pm and entrance is free on a first come first served basis. Surf legend Taylor Knox will be in attendance so if you’re in the South West this weekend, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Serving up an unscripted look at life on the road in Japan, Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, California, Indonesia, and Europe, EXIT  blends different personalities, from legendary power of Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, and Mick Fanning to the young guns Luke Davis, Mitch Crews, Evan Geiselman, Tia Blanco, and Paige Maddison plus the timeless style of Rob Machado, matched by the brilliantly unconventional lines of Nick Rozsa.

Rob Machado
Mick Fanning
Shane Dorian
Mitch Crews
Luke Davis
Evan Geiselman
Taylor Knox
Nick Rozsa
Mikala Jones
Adam Bennetts
Evan Geiselman
Tia Blanco
Paige Maddison
Vincent Duvignac
Luke Hynd
Roby D’amico

Directed By Brian Hanson & Tait Hawes
Filmed by Brian Hanson, Russell Brownley &
Edited By Brian Hanson
Produced By Shea Perkins, Mike Matey, Jeff Moore