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‘Find Your Line’ Creative Panel Talk

HERBIE’S SURFBOARD STASH –Looking Sideways Vol. 1 Image: Owen Tozer

LS/FF X Vans ‘Find Your Line’ Creative Panel Talk presented by Arbor

Story telling is at the heart of everything that we do at LS/FF. The best films take you on a journey -whether through the writer’s story arc, the scriptwriter’s interactions of characters, the cinematographer’s eye, the composer’s score, the sound design – they all contribute to the ride the viewer goes on. It is the same with a good book, article or podcast episode.

This year we are stoked to have an intimate panel of acclaimed guests who are all at the top of their game when it comes to storytelling and narrative. We have Looking Sideways podcaster and writer Matt Barr, multi-award winning musician and composer CJ Mirra, filmmaker and photographer Lewis Arnold, photographer and designer Owen Tozer and author and screenwriter Chris Nelson.

If you have ever wanted to write for a magazine, start a podcast, write a book, make a documentary, find out how music affects a film or even if you are just interested in how a good story is told – do not miss this event.


The Panel

Matt Barr is a writer, former magazine editor, renowned podcaster and co-Director of marketing agency All Conditions Media. Hailing from the north of England, Matt came up through the nascent UK snowboard scene at a time when the British Champs were held at a slushy Les Arcs in April. He choose the creative line of the pen over the fall line of the board. Today his prolific output is fronted by Looking Sideways, the essential action sports podcast that has managed the difficult task of covering all branches of slide culture and beyond, deftly teasing stories and insight, never backing away from a tricky question. His 150+ interviewees traverse the spectrum from world champs to countercultural icons and from industry giants to underground heroes and best selling authors. A

CJ Mirra, aka John Samson is a London-based composer, sound designer, recording artist and creative powerhouse. Combining live analogue instruments with electronic and ambient textures his sound blurs the boundaries of composition and sound design. Since 2015, he has scored a number of critically-acclaimed films screened from TIFF to BFI London Film Festival to SXSW, and received a BIFA ‘Best Sound’ nomination. CJ Mirra’s entry to surf film came through collaborating with visionary director Chris McClean. They have now produced over 20 short films, capturing the new ‘sound and feel of cold water surf‘ and screened at festivals worldwide from SXSW to LS/FF as well as touring award-winning live A/V shows ‘Chasing Zero’ and ‘Translate’. John is increasingly in demand for his skills in creating the perfect score and has some exciting new projects in the pipeline.

Lewis Arnold hails from the North East where he started out as a full time photojournalist on a daily newspaper with a passion for surf photography. Over time Lewis has migrated over to full time surf filmmaker and photographer, winning a number of prestigious awards along the way. He now works with many leading brands and his personal projects – which always have a distinct environmental angle – include the short film ‘Flux’, award winner at LS/FF and his brand new film ‘Home’. He has just published a collaborative photo book and ode to the North Sea ‘GLASS’ – pulling together the cream of creatives based around the North Sea nations of Europe. He is currently working on a feature documentary that will change the surfing narrative forever.

Owen Tozer is a surfer, a snowboarder, whose photography has the ability to stop you in your tracks. A multifaceted visual creative operating in the realms of design, photography, filmmaking  – for example he did design and art direction for Ben Howard’s debut album. Owen works with Matt capturing the subjects for the Looking Sideways podcast. Together they have just published the beautifully crafted book Looking Sideways Vol 1  – an ode to California surf, skate and snowboard culture. Grab a copy before they sell out.

Chris Nelson is a screenwriter, author, editor and producer, exploring the intersection of the counterculture and the mainstream. He founded two action sports magazines, has written ground-breaking documentaries series and films. He has authored nine best selling non-fiction books exploring culture, surf and travel including the critically acclaimed ‘Cold Water Souls’ – an anthropological study of surfing’s cold water pioneers. As a cultural commentator he has appeared on TV and radio and delivered talks on surf culture for international brands and literary festivals. He is currently working on a feature documentary and is the co-founder of the London Surf / Film Festival.