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We are stoked to announce the UK Premiere of  STONE PAPER SAND at this year’s London Surf / Film Festival.

This film is a cautionary tale for our times, it documents the plight of a wave and the fight of a community. And while it focus on a community in Spain, the story resonates with surfers far and wide, reminding us that our waves are something to be cherished.

Following the screening will be a talk with SAS Campaigns Director Andy Cummins who is helping to spear head the Surfers Against Sewage Protect Our Waves Campaign.

The screening takes place on Saturday 13th October 14.00 and what’s more we’re offering the tickets to this  special matinee screening and talk for FREE! Get your FREE tickets HERE


During the pioneering days of surfing, San Sebastian was a creative and competitive hub for waveriders in Spain and Praia Gros, famed for its hollow lefts and polluted waves was home to a core crew of hard charging surfers. In a time of great political unrest, the beach culture they created here gave them a focus and an escape.

When a new civic project was proposed to build two huge stone jetties on the beach, the whole future of surfing at Gros was under threat; the local crew risked losing not just their waves but the very fabric of their culture.

This intriguing film explores the development of surfing in this Basque town, drawing on a great range of archival footage, as well as interviews with key local surfers. Could a small band of counter-culturalists pull together to save their beach or would their legacy be lost to an unstoppable wave of development?