Gallery 2012


Mark Leary / Salt + Wax
For 2012, we were proud to present a gallery preview of Salt + Wax and host the launch of the much anticipated book.
Award winning photographer Mark Leary captures the minutiae of life translating the mundane into moments of magic, finding interesting angles in everyday scenes and bringing the subtle hues and tones of the overlooked to life. His new book Salt + Wax combines his two great passions, surfing and photography in a series of images shot over a four year period. Shooting on a traditional plate camera and film Mark set out to capture the everyday, the smallness and the obsessions of surfing in the UK – an island that isn’t renowned for its epic daily conditions. Salt + Wax is Mark Leary and award-winning Creative Director Richard Bull’s second book collaboration.

“Mark Leary’s work floated in from a surprise angle and landed like a soft, cool flannel to the furrowed brow. It felt familiar, comfortable and endearing. In the language of surf, it appeared somewhat ‘kooky’ but was actually ‘totally core’ and truly insightful.”

Alex Dick-Reid / Editor The Surfer’s Path






“Mark has captured the sentiment of the water world’s view of life. The pages bring us back to the happier reality.”

Tom Wegener / Shaper









Mark Leary Photography


AOP Awards (three years), Campign Press – Silver
Creative Circle – Silver, Creative Review Photography Annual – three entries
D&AD – two Silvers and three Nominations
One Show USA – nomination


Richard Bull / Founder Yacht Associates