Hunt for Hipmasama – full length feature online!

Oli Adams “Hunt for Hipmasama” scooped Best British film at the this year’s LS/FF and it was no mean feat, with no funding or filmmaking knowledge his project had been nearly a decade in the making, inspired by  a grainy picture of a mysto wave on a remote British island – un-surfed and un-named. The image haunted him, and sparked an eight-year odyssey, scouring maps, hopping islands, weathering storms and chasing a dream.

The film follows Oli as he embarks on a final journey to track down this mythical wave that has evaded him for so long. In a world where the majority of surf data and break information is easily accessible and laid out for all to see, it is a reminder of the thrill of the hunt and the journey that surfing is…

For those that missed the World Premiere of Hunt For Hipmasama at the London Surf / Film Festival this year, fear not, Oli has just released the full length feature on Vimeo for free so tonight stoke up the fires and hit play for 35 minutes of pure unadulterated inspiration!

Produced and Edited by Oli Adams

Co starring: Mitch Corbett, Tom Butler, Mark Harris, Micah Lester, Ben Skinner, Marcus Lascelles, Tom D H and Fergal Smith.