Into The Sea

WORLD PREMIERE: INTO THE SEA, Dir. Marion Poizeau, Fra. 52 mins



With no prior knowledge or preconceptions, Irish champion surfer Easkey Britton travels to Iran, taking to the water in a hijab, to become the first woman to surf there. Invited to return by the country’s pioneering sportswomen, she aims to introduce surfing to the women of Iran. How will the locals of this traditional area respond? This is an inspiring documentary of exploration and hope that reveals the true power of the ocean.

Check out the interview on Carve where with Easkey Britton talks to LS/FF’s Demi Taylor about surfing in Iran HERE.

Showing with International Short: STILL SWELL AT 85,  Dean Saffron, Aus. 5 mins

PLUS SHORTIES short film: FIND YOUR LOVE, FatSand Films, UK, 5 mins

Into the Sea press image