JT&T X LS/FF Collab

We’re pretty excited about our collaboration with Jam Tarts & Tractors on a range of limited edition JT&T x LS/FF totes. Up-cycled from reclaimed deckchairs and marquees – the very fabric of British beaches – these hand crafted bags will be available exclusively in the Approaching Lines Room during the festival. We caught up with Georgia Wyatt-Wilsmore of Jam Tarts & Tractors to find out about collecting stories and the art of translating deck chairs into bags.

LS/FF – What’s your relationship to the sea?

I bought my first ever board in Australia when I was 17. They definitely saw me coming! It was far too small for me with a ridiculous rocker – but I loved it straight away (I wish I still had it). Now I live on the Isle (of Wight), I’m not going so consistently, but I still try to have a swim in the sea whenever I can.. There’s an ace secret beach down the road, really sheltered and beautiful clear water. I’m lucky to live so close to it…

LS/FF – Can you tell me a little bit about Jam Tarts & Tractors. Where did the inspiration come from?

I was sharing a workshop with a good friend of mines dad. he’s worked on island beaches his whole life and was the first guy to set up trampolines on the sand. I stripped some 70s metal framed sunbeds for him as a favour, took the frames to scrap and couldn’t bring myself to chuck out the material, so I made a bag from it… somebody liked it, so I made them one and from there its grown..

LS/FF – Without giving away trade secrets – can you talk us a little through the process?

My favourite bit, is collecting the materials from the beach guys. They all have brilliant stories to tell, so its ace to spend time with them.

Then we cart it all back and gradually work through it, taking apart chairs/ equipment, washing it back, then myself and a friend attach ourselves to sewing machines for days on end.. (I’ve got up to make a cup of tea before, when its super busy and found I’ve sewn myself into the bag lining a couple of times …which is smooth)

LS/FF – Recycling is a huge part of what you do…

Yup. We’ ve just this week done some weighing up and found that since we started a little over a year ago, we’ve recycled over 2 tonnes of fabric, that’ s really cool! Isn’t that nearly the equivalent of an elephant??

LS/FF – What is your favourite bag in your range?

My favourite bag is always the newest one, because I can’t wait to see how its going to turn out… at the moment, its the one that’s just about to be released.. The Dojo. The straps are made from old karate belts.. wax on… wax off… its a beauty!