Lauren L. Hill , surfer, writer, director has spent the past decade exploring new waves and documenting surf cultures around the world through an eco-feminist lens. She develops projects that revolve around the power of storytelling to build community and inspire action to protect our planet. She hosts The Waterpeople Podcast, recently authored She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfing and we’re stoked to welcome her onto the panel for LS/FF 2021 Image Dave Rastovich

Community is everything. That feeling of drawing together with those people who get you, to share ideas, to share waves, to talk story, to talk late into the night, to connect, to debate, to collaborate, to unpick everything and put it back together again… that’s where the magic lies. And that’s what our jury is, a community made up of individuals with a passion for surfing and filmmaking – some are people we’ve worked with, some are people we’ve surfed with, some are familiar faces, some are those operating behind the scenes and all are people whose opinions we value.

Their backgrounds cover the broad spectrum of waveriding and media, including filmmakers,  producers, commissioning editors, magazine editors, podcasters, photographers, writers, actors, artists, activists and cutting edge surfers. We’re delighted to have such an inspiring ensemble on the jury. They’ve given their time to revel in the creativity that exists in surfing and together decide which films will be awarded accolades including: Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Cinematography, Best International Short, Best British Film, Shortie of The Year, Emerging Talent.

This year we’re delighted to welcome some new names onto the Jury to join our venerable team:

Shelby Meade – She’s worked with everyone from The Beastie Boys to The GOAT making the good stuff happen.

Sean Doherty – Long time, front line surf scribe, author and editor of Surfing World magazine.

Steve England – Activist, industry veteran and editor of the UK’s surf bible Carve.

Matt Barr – Writer, author, host of the essential action sports podcast Looking Sideways, founder ACM.

Lauren Hill – Pro surfer, writer, director, author, activist and host of must-listen The Waterpeople podcast.

Dimitri Doganis – Bafta award winning producer and founder of multi award winning Raw TV.

Chris McClean – Multi-award winning filmmaker and co-founder Backwash surf culture journal.

Ben Honour – Self confessed surf nerd and producer working with global brands and the UK’s top Creative Agencies.

To learn more about what they do every day, hit the links.

Carve Magazine Editor and environmental activist Steve England, exploring the innermost limits of quantum surf mechanics. Image: Ross Taylor