Hailing from Suffolk, Matthew P delivers a unique brand of infectious acoustic folk pop. A troubadour in the true sense of the word, Matt’s songs come from the heart, about the experiences and people that make him stop, and think. Having played some big festivals and some big support tours (Stereophonics, Reef) Matt enjoys mixing it up with rural shows and smaller lazy summer festivals, meeting people and making friends, and if there’s a chance of a surf along the way, then all the better.

Having written tracks with the likes of Joel Pott (Athlete), Iain Archer (Snow Patrol) and the Hoosiers, Matt is securing a reputation as an eclectic and talented song writer, releasing two e.p’s with critical acclaim on Fiction Records, Polydor – the ‘Swimming’ e.p. (2010). & ‘The Breakfast’ e.p (2011). While this summer saw the release of Matt’s debut album Long Straight Lines – a heady blend of acoustic tracks and full band performances.

We’re delighted to have Matt play at this year’s LS/FF but it seemed to have been fated from the get go…
To find out more and read our interview with him, click HERE.



From the southwest, AFTPC have had a pretty exciting year, they’ve played The Olympics, The Paralympics, Bestival and Y Not and The Kaiser Chiefs included them on the first ever Emerging Icons Album. Asked how they’d describe their sound, they said, ‘It sounds stupid but it would be great if you could tell us what you think?!  Female fronted rock band, noisey with quiet bits, seems to be getting a positive response from people!”

Catch them at the LS/FF this year and make your own mind up! We’ve knoww the band for a few years and are thrilled to have them play at the festival.

To find out more and read our interview with them click HERE