FRIDAY 11 TH OCTOBER // Regent St Cinema

FRIDAY Session 1 // 7pm

ZONE FREQUENCY Dir. Jack Coleman

EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Hotly anticipated, visually spectacular curation of surfing from the boundaries of waveriding and beyond. Prepare to have your mind expanded by the most radical and stylish surfing from the planet’s most innovative wave sliding talents… Ryan Burch, Dave Rastovich, Ozzie Wright, Robin Kegel et al. Three years in the making + wholly independent, this is what surf cinema is all about… if you love surfing and radical expression, look no further!

Plus short film: UK PREMIERE MUSICAL VOYAGE  Dir: Patrick Trefz

An intimate road trip, journeying into the musical mind of surfer, musician Lee-Ann Curren. Captured on 16mm from Basque County to Big Sur and beyond. Presented in person by Lee-Ann Curren

Showing with: SHORTIES Shortlisted film

FRIDAY Session 2 // 8.45 pm

WHITE RHINO Dir. Brent Storm

UK PREMIERE: Combining dazzling cinematography, vivid insight, and mind bending waveriding, this multi award-winning movie is an immersive story captured from the perspective of big wave surfers and photographers who witnessed the largest surf ever ridden – Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Kalani Chapman and crew. Three epic swells hit the South Pacific, providing historical days for those who dare to challenge the ‘White Rhino’.  Epic waves, epic wipe outs, epic tales.

Plus short film: UK PREMIERE FLIGHT 566 TO BEIRUIT   Dir: Guillem Cruells

Adrien Toyen boards a flight to the Lebanon to surf a mystical slab and voyage… home.

Plus short film: EUROPEAN PREMIERE TUCKEROO  Dir: Elly Norman

Featuring Jaleesa Vincent – elegance and edginess puts her in a league of her own!

Showing with: SHORTIES Shortlisted film


White Rhino UK Premiere Teahupoo London Surf Film Festival

White Rhino UK Premiere Image: Brian Beilmann

ZONE FREQUENCY EUROPEAN PREMIERE LS/FF 2019 Dir. Jack Coleman love surfing

ZONE FREQUENCY Dir. Jack Coleman