LS/FF Feature Terms and Conditions

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Official Terms And Conditions For Submissions To International Feature Programme




1. SUBMISSION FORMAT: It is preferred if festival submissions can be via a password protected Vimeo link, to allow the submissions panel to access the film.

2. SUBMISSION GENRE: The competition is not constricted by genre; surfing and surf culture are wide open to creative interpretation and we welcome submissions that explore all aspects and angles of surfing from documentary to stop-frame to animation and anything in between.

3. DATE OF COMPLETION: Submissions should have been completed after January 1st 2019.

4. ENTRY FEES: Entry to the main film festival is £25 for a feature or £10 for a short film, payable via PayPal to the London Surf / Film Festival on the Submissions page. Entry fees are non-refundable.

5. ENTRY FORMS: Entry forms must be completed in their entirety.

6. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Deadline for submissions is Aug 30th 2024 23.59pm. Submissions received after this date will not qualify for entry into the festival. Extenuating circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the London Surf / Film Festival.

7. PRESENTATION FORMAT: If accepted into the London Surf / Film Festival as an official selection, filmmakers must submit a hi res format of the film on DCP hard drive or hi-res digital download  for screening purposes by September 10th 2024 at the latest plus a version for review by the official London Surf / Film Festival Screening Panel, ie. Vimeo hosted, password protected. If you have any queries re screening formats please feel free to contact us. Filmmakers will assume all shipping costs to LS/FF.

8. PREMIERE/ DISTRIBUTION: The London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of surfing’s best new releases. Except via prior agreement, the London Surf / Film Festival is only open to those films that have not participated in any UK Festival prior to their presentation at the London Surf / Film Festival. Filmmakers filmmakers agree not screen selected films anywhere else in the UK prior to screening at LS/FF.


I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. Entries will not be accepted without a signed copy of the International Feature Terms and Conditions.

2. I have the right or authorisation to submit the film to the London Surf / Film Festival and the production has no litigation or disputes regarding any part of the production, distribution or originality.

3. I hold the London Surf / Film Festival harmless from any damage to submitted media during the process of the film festival.

4. I give permission for the London Surf / Film Festival to use excerpts of the film/trailer for promotional purposes (max. 3 minutes duration).

5. I give permission for the London Surf / Film Festival to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the film for promotional purposes, online and in any print media or campaigns connected with the London Surf / Film Festival. This includes brochures/programmes, printed media magazines/newspapers and online. We want to promote your film as best we can to the 2 million strong audience of surfers we have here in the UK so please send additional material such as digital press kits to the official festival contact email.

6. By submitting the production, I give permission for the London Surf / Film Festival to screen the production at the London Surf / Film Festival.

7. As the Submitter/Producer, I agree to take on all copyright liability in regard to submitted film in terms of music, product and other copyright licensing.

8. I give my permission for the London Surf / Film Festival to share my film and any related promotional material with London Surf / Film Festival media partners for the purpose of promoting your film and the festival unless I specify otherwise.

9. Submitting your film does not guarantee acceptance into London Surf / Film Festival. Those film makers whose productions have been selected for screening as part of the main festival programme will be informed during the week beginning Sept 2nd. The London Surf / Film Festival can not be held responsible or liable for losses or damages resulting from failure to screen entries accepted into the festival programme.

10. Filmmakers will be informed of official selection by email during the week beginning September 2nd. Please note – between this communication and the public screening at the LS/FF, the selected films cannot be shown anywhere else in the UK prior to the LS/FF screening. By screening your film as a premiere it allows us to gain as much publicity as possible for you work through our media partners and mainstream press.

11. If accepted into the London Surf / Film Festival as an official selection, film makers must submit a hi-res format of the film on DCP hard drive / hi-res digital download for screening purposes by Sept 10th 2024 at the latest. Filmmakers will assume shipping costs to LS/FF.

12. Films submitted on DCP hard drive only will be returned. Accompanying promotional media and materials will not be returned.

13. Non-English language films are welcomed, but must be either subtitled or dubbed.

14. If your film is accepted you will receive at least 2 complimentary tickets for the evening of the screening of your film – it’s your premiere and we want you to be as stoked as we are! More may available with enough notice.

15. Films will be judged as part of the London Surf / Film Festival in categories including, but not limited to: Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Cinematography, Best International Short, Spirit of the Festival and Viewers Choice.

16. Winners agree to participate in publicity – we want to be able to shout about your achievements! In order to do that, we need you to provide us with your press kit which includes a minimum of : 1 hi-res downloadable trailer, 1 synopsis including featured surfers and contributors, 2 x images for use in the press minimum 1920 x 1080, 1 poster / film artwork. Please bear in mind that the assets will be used to promote your film.