Event information reads: 7-9th November 2024, Riverside Studios, London, Surf / Film / Art / Culture

Roger Sharp

Roger Sharp has been part of the LS/FF panel since 2011.

His work has lit up the pages of virtually every waveriding publication in the surfing world. Sharpy (to everyone but his mother) is a surf photographer, journalist, filmmaker and a man of opinion. He’s been in the surf media trenches for 20years and still refuses to get a real job. He currently sits in the musty editor’s chair at Carve magazine and you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram or just in the street…

Fave surf movie? That’s an impossible question. Depends on the era. Most watched surf movies: Rolling Thunder, Green Iguana, Beyond The Boundaries, Momentum, Quik Pro G-Land, Focus, Stranger Than Fiction, Modern Collective, Dear Suburbia. My favourite movie has yet to be made. It’s the dream one where Kelly Slater gets an Art of Flight size budget to make the greatest surf film of all time with Dane, Ando, Jordy, JJF, Taj, Parko and friends in tow.