Sancho Rodriguez

Posted by LSFF on September 29, 2011 | , Uncategorized

Sancho Rodriguez is a Basque surfer and the man behind the San Sebastian Surfilmfestibal – which makes him the unofficial godfather of the surf film festival world. “My name is Sancho Rodriguez, I´m a Basque surfer from Irun, a land locked city in the border with France. I´ve been surfing for 25 years now, I´ve lived the development of surfing on our coast, going from 3 guys in Gethary at that time, to being 140 in Mundaka, 80 in Lafitenia. But I´m not nostalgic, I think surfing is maturing, we are learning to live with crowds, we can now travel more. And Surfilmfestibal is an extension of this vision of surfing. We´ve been working now for 10 years doing our festival. From a small tribal gathering, to an ambitious international surf culture festival it is now, we´ve gone a long way, meeting and working with passionate surfers, photographers, filmmakers, etc… in the aim of showcasing the best representations of surf culture, and helping getting credit for artists telling surf stories.”