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Sarah Bentley

Sarah Bentley grew up in South Wales, was sporty but hated sports. That was until she found surfing. Hooked from the start she would squeeze as many surfs out of a week as was humanly possible and spend the rest of her time watching surf films and dreaming of long reeling right-hand walls. Competing and sponsorship was the natural progression, as was travel and surfing some of the world’s most beautiful waves. She still competes occasionally, winning ‘Most Stylish Lady’ at the Reef 5 to 1 Fin Fair.

Sarah now has a family and runs Foam Agencies, representing exciting brands from the likes of Neon Wetsuits to the British-made Wanderlust Life, getting them in front of the right people but still manages to surf when the waves are good (and sometimes when they’re not), tailoring sessions around time and tide. Her favourite manouver is the much underated roundhouse cutback.

Sarah Bentley September Sessions 2015

Sarah Bentley September Sessions 2015