Surfing Europe

UK PREMIERE: The Endless Winter; Surfing Europe Ep3 ‘The Surfing Farmers of County Clare’ Dir. Matt Crocker & James Dean (5 min) 

FRIDAY 30 SEPT, Regent St Cinema, W1 // SESSION 1 // 7pm >> TICKETS

From award winning filmmakers Matt Crocker and James Dean comes this tantalising xcerpt from the forthcoming documentary The Endless Winter; Surfing Europe in which Mark ‘Egor’ Harris surfs the continent’s best waves and explores the history of surf culture in Europe.

Episode 3: Mark travels to Lahinch in Western Ireland and meets with local big wave chargers turned organic farmers Fergal Smith, Mitch Corbett & Matt Smith. When there’s no surf, they tend to their farm. When there’s surf, they surf! Presented by the filmmakers.

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EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Fire & Water  Dir. Thomas Brookins, 2016
Shorties shortlisted film (5 min)

                                                                                                                                  FRIDAY 30 SEPT// SESSION 2 >>

UK PREMIERE: The Endless Winter; Surfing Europe Ep3 'The Surfing Farmers of County Clare’ Dir. Matt Crocker & James Dean (5 min) Presented by the filmmakers. surfingeurope2