The Art of Trimm

There are those films that you just can’t wait to see, where the trailer alone leaves you wide-eyed and ready. Forbidden Trim is one such film and everyone from Beach Grit to Surfer Mag is frothing on it too.  Here’s the shortline: using a group of surfers for cover, Kilroy, a crack commando is sent deep into the jungle on a clandestine mission to uncover the mysteries of the Caldera Network. Here’s the trailer:

So, now you’re frothing too!

“It’s a Grindhouse, Surfing, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, War film,” says filmmaker George Trimm of the project that has taken the best part of four years and every last dollar to bring to the big screen. This self-financed feature is now in post-production and George is running a Kickstarter campaign to help finish the project and share it with the global surfing community and the rewards – from patches and signed posters to trunks and helmets are epic.

“I wanted to make something that resembles a short novel, a H.P. Lovecraft or a Louis L’Amore, but set in the deep jungle,” says George . “I like the idea of going on an adventure with the main character, into the darkness to find out what’s going on where no one’s allowed to go. With Forbidden Trim I am mixing a lot of different film genres. I’ve been editing it ever since I put out Bootleg, which is a bit over two years. We started filming four years ago. As of now, we have a 75 minute rough cut that has many different layers. It’s definitely a movie you can watch four times and still find something new on the fifth visit. My small team and I did everything on this movie. All the filming, score, miniature models, props, art direction, editing, special effects, etc. It’s my most involved picture for sure.”

If you love surf movies, and love independent filmmaking, check out Forbidden Trimm on Kickstarter:

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