Free Tickets: Through The Whisky Barrel!

Posted by LSFF on October 11, 2011 | News

Tickets for the World Premiere of Through The Whisky Barrel are now available. This is a very special film about surfing in Scotland and features some epic Scottish surfers and world champions charging some of the best waves the Norse shore has to offer. What’s more, tickets are absolutely free on a first come first serve basis. Tickets can only be booked through the Riverside Box Office on 020 8237 1111. The screening kicks off at 3.45 on Saturday 15th October at the Riverside Studios. Don’t miss out!

We caught up with Allyn to find out more about his project.

LSFF: What made you want to create a movie about about surfing in Scotland?

“I have lived in Scotland my whole life, but grew up about an hours drive from the coast. So, while always loving the beach and the ocean, it was only when I got a driving license that I actually started surfing. I have always loved using cameras and editing little videos, and when working as a graphic designer and video editor for an advertising agency, I always wanted to make a film about surfing in Scotland.”


When did the project start?

“I started filming for the project in 2008 and have built a bank of material.  Having a full time job meant that I couldn’t film on every good swell so I decided to get in touch with other surfers in Scotland and from around the world who had footage of surfing in Scotland to see if they would be interested in having their footage in the film.  Everyone has been so supportive and the footage that I have obtained from everyone has been outstanding so I have to say a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed in this respect. I received great footage from Jen Wilmett, James Cummings, George Watt and Anthony Walsh aswell as many others whose clips are featured in the film. The soundtrack is by one of my favourite bands, the incredible 65DaysofStatic and I was delighted when they came onboard with the project.”

What are you hoping people will take away from Through The Whisky Barrel?

“My aim for the film was to provide an insight into the history and the culture that surrounds surfing in Scotland. I wanted to showcase the array of epic waves which are unleashed onto the Scottish coastline, whilst telling the stories of some of the pioneers of Scottish surfing. I hope that the film will bring the surfing community in Scotland together and help raise funds for the Scottish Surf Federation.”