Tim Nunn Talks Photos


Tim Nunn has been a surf photographer and magazine editor for the last ten years, with a specialism in going to remote out of the way cold places in search of empty waves. We are stoked to announce that to accompany the European Premiere of What The Sea Gives Me on Saturday 11th October, Tim will be hosting a special twenty minute slideshow that takes us on a journey from what it takes to shoot in these cold and remote places, to the adventure and drama of dealing with volcanic eruptions and Bear encounters, from Iceland to Canada, Scotland to Norway. Beyond this he gives us an insight into his next, even bigger environmental mission, The Plastic Project. Tickets for the screening and talk are available HERE


Bio: Tim Nunn is a photographer, ex surf magazine editor and confirmed cold water surf addict. He has been involved in media for the last 18 years, starting life as a film camera man, shooting video and 16mm back in the mid nineties. About 10 years ago he ended up sharing an office for a couple of years with Surfer’s Path magazine and through the inspiration he gained there and from his best friend who was editor of Surf Europe magazine, he switched from moving picture to still image. He recently published his publish his second book ‘Numb’, which has been a collaboration with surfer and friend Ian Battrick. It charts their rough and ready approach to exploring the colder reaches of the planet, spending as little money as possible to get as many waves and experiences as they can. He now continues his cold water adventures with an environmental twist looking at the uncontrolled spread of marine litter in the Plastic Project.