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Tyler Breuer

Born and raised in New York, Tyler (left) grew up surfing the beaches of Long Island with his older brother Jamie (right). He was forced to memorize surfers styles on VHS at the tender age of 7. Due to the lack of surf, Tyler and his brother absorbed and collected surf magazines, books, video and anything else they could get their hands on, reading and watching everything over and over again. Tyler spent 7 years on the road traveling and surfing until he finally settled back in NY and co-found the New York Surf Film Festival. Tyler currently has his fingers in many surfing pies,  under the name SMASH Productions. He is no longer affiliated with the NYSFF and recently married  his long time girlfriend. He is part of the crew behind the awesome It Doesn’t Not Work event and co-hosts the must listen to podcast Swell Season Surf Radio. Tune in now!


Tyler at home in NYC from ‘Cold Water Souls’. Image: Cicero Deguzman Jr. // Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cicerodeguzmanjr/