Belinda Baggs: Surfers For Climate

Belinda Baggs

Belinda Baggs, Surfers For Climate

Surfers have long been the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to championing environmental issues, whether campaigning against sewage outflows and plastic pollution or taking to task oil giants. Now two of Australia’s biggest names in surfing, Belinda Baggs and Johnny Abegg have banded together in the flight against one of the world’s biggest threats, climate change, founding the charity Surfers for Climate.

“For surfers, the ocean is life,” said Baggs. “Climate change, fuelled by the burning of fossil fuels, threatens everyone’s way of life. For the surfing community, this is a red alert. Everything we love is under threat.. Our goal is simple, we want to pass on a healthy ocean to the generations to come.”

To mark the launch of Surfers for Climate, iconic musician Paul McCartney has teamed up with the charity for the world exclusive music video premiere for ‘Wine Dark Open Sea’, an evocative homage to the ocean.

McCartney’s love of the ocean led him to collaborate with his friend, award winning surf filmmaker and Surfers for Climate ambassador, Jack McCoy whose legendary films from Tubular Swells to Kong’s Island and Green Iguana to The Occumentary have kept the froth fires burning over the decades at cult-status levels.

“I love the video that my friend and surf filmmaker Jack McCoy has created for this. The striking footage of pro longboarder, Belinda Baggs and her dance on water is a powerful reminder of how incredible our oceans are and that they need our help to protect them and preserve their wonder for generations to come,” Paul McCartney.

“I’m thrilled to support Surfers For Climate,” said McCartney. “Their work is something that really appeals to me as we all have a responsibility to do our bit and this is a great way to bring people together with a shared passion for the seas and oceans from all around the world for positive climate action.”

“Every time I watch the video I get goosebumps, we believe people will connect with the video to make a conscious effort to support our fight against climate change,” says Baggs.

You can watch the full video and support Surfers for Climate >>  HERE

Surfers for Climate is a movement of surfers committed to protecting planet ocean and an Australian-based registered charity fostering a broad alliance with other surfing and environmental groups, climate scientists and campaigners and surfing communities around the world.