Cord Board Prize draw for Centrepoint

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Somewhere, buried deep within, Cord shaper Markie Lascelles is putting his work to the test

There’s no place like home

Markie is our shaper from home. He’s a hard charging Cornish surfer with board building in his DNA. He now heads up the iconic Cord Surfboards, founded in Australia in 1965 by brothers Dustin and Peter ‘Chops’ Lascelles – Markie’s dad and a much-missed influence in our community.

We brought the European premiere of the must-see, ‘Through The Doggy Door’ to the festival this year which scopped the prestigious ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award. Featuring Sheldon Paishon and Mason Ho, it follows a surfer’s dream to trade extreme poverty in paradise for the life of a pro surfer. It got us thinking about the notion of home and what it means for those facing the prospect of winter without somewhere to go.

That’s why this year, through the surfboard prizedraw, we raised essential funds for Centrepoint – a charity that helps young people who are facing homelessness.

And thanks to everyone’s generosity, we raised more than £800 for the charity!

The Board 

Introducing the twin fin fish: The Flying Vee.

“Great in waves up to 6 foot, “The Flying Vee” has a wider plan shape and flatter rocker meaning its a great paddler and has great acceleration and drive from the flatness through the wide swallow tail,” explains Markie.

“This thing will get you going super fast down the line with little effort and its impeccable rail to rail game comes thanks to its deep Spiral Vee between the Twin boxes inspiring the boards name. This means better turns for you in critical sections and better cutting back on flatter sections.”

CORD SURFBOARD: The Flying Vee // Image: Mat Arney

Cord rider Noah Lane – twin fin mentality