Looking Sideways Storytelling Workshop

Why Am I Telling You This? Looking Sideway’s Matt Barr hosts this special story telling workshop // Image: Owen Tozer

Saturday 25th November 4.45 – 5.45pm   >>TICKETS 

‘Why Am I Telling You This?’ Building Narrative in Film, Image, Word and Sound presented by Yeti

This special workshop hosted by Looking Sideway’s Matt Barr focusses on the art of creating an engaging narrative through the mediums of filmmaking, writing, podcasting and photography with some of the UK’s most respected storytellers.

The panel includes filmmaker Maddie Meddings, musician CJ Mirra, director Rebecca Coley, photographer/designer/ filmmaker Owen Tozer and writer / filmmaker Chris Nelson.

Navigated by Matt Barr, host of the essential Looking Sideways podcast, the discussion will focus on bringing a story to life, creating an engaging narrative that takes the viewer / listener on a journey, bringing together visual and aural elements – while focusing on specific examples to help illustrate this art.

This session is aimed at anyone interested in diving deeper into board sports culture, writing, filmmaking, music, photography or podcasting – and will be broadcast as a future episode of the Looking Sideways Podcast.

Places are limited and the first 40 ticket holders will receive a YETI Rambler Hotshot 12oz courtesy of our good friends at Yeti.

Saturday evening pass holders can reserve their space for free just >> Email Us  with ‘STORYTELLER WORKSHOP’ in the title

owen Tozer

SURFER SILHOUETTE // Image: Owen Tozer from Looking Sideways Vol 1. 

The Panel

Matt Barr is a cross genre word weaver who is as comfortable presenting live events, podcast interviews or documentaries as he is writing for hefty tomes such as Whitelines snowboard magazine or broadsheet newspapers.

Maddie Meddings is a UK filmmaker whose latest documentary Yama has screened across the globe scooping awards at film festivals and garnering critical acclaim for its fresh angles and infusive energy.

CJ Mirra is a multi-award winning musician who has scored countless film projects from Time Trial and Translate through to documentary series like Make or Break for Apple TV. His band CJ’s Mirramaze is currently on tour.

Rebecca Coley is a writer and director working in documentary and narrative interested in creative ways of story telling whose latest project Point of Change is a feature length dive into the compelling and sometimes dark history of Nias.

Owen Tozer is multi-talented visual artist whose work ranges from design and photography through to film encompassing music videos for Ben Howard and visually arresting short documentaries like Blood Type Plastic.

Chris Nelson is a writer, filmmaker and campaigner, whose work ranges from critically acclaimed book Cold Water Souls through to investigative feature documentary The Big Sea that exposes surfing’s hidden links to Cancer Alley.


Award winning composer and musician CJ Mirra in the studio // Image: OwenTozer

Florence “Baaba” Obri Baadu, Harmonie “Blue” Bataka, Oyeoku  as featured in Yama // Image:  Maddie Meddings

Filmmaker, Director and writer Rebecca Coley

Writer, filmmakers and cultural commentator Chris Nelson in conversation with award winnign Director Ben Gulliver  // Image: Adriana Lozano x LS/FF