Event information reads: 7-9th November 2024, Riverside Studios, London, Surf / Film / Art / Culture

Moments of Cold Water Surf

20 Years of Cold Water Surfing // Finisterre

“Welcome to the cold fringes of the earth. Where seals bob their heads in empty lineups and salmon breach for nobody but themselves. Here the short days of winter flow together, dark waves spitting over cold rock….” Dan Crockett

This year at LS/FF we celebrate our good friend’s Finisterre’s 20 year journey into the coastlines and culture of cold water surfing with a very special gallery. Born above a surf shop in Cornwall’s surfing heartlands Finisterre has grown to become more than just a brand but a community and cultural beacon, not just in the UK but internationally.

Featuring photography from the likes of Mickey Smith, Megan Hemsworth, Al Mackinnon, Abbi Hughes, David Gray and John Carter, this exhibition features images spanning two decades of cold water exploration, celebrating the landscapes and the seekers who help bind our communities and forge those frigid bonds between cold water souls.

As Finisterre founder Tom Kay says ““The sea is the common ground that holds us all together, but I just learn so much from these people. There’s such an exchange of ideas. I really enjoy supporting their respective endeavours, I feel lucky to be able to do that.”