Finisterre x LS/FF Collab tee

We’ve know the crew at Finisterre for some time now and it’s a brand that we believe in. They’ve kept festival director and author Chris Nelson warm on his search for waves from Hokkaido to Nova Scotia and from Iceland to his home in Cornwall so we were stoked to have them on board for LS/FF 2012. And we’re even more stoked on our collaboration with them to create a limited edition LS/FF x Finisterre T-shirt.

“A collaboration should celebrate two things coming together,” says Finisterre’s Ernie Capbert. “They should share similar beliefs and once this is established, it’s time to turn beliefs into reality. We took a bespoke blend of Merino wool and organic cotton, tweaked the fit and developed a print with an artist that represented both of us – The London Surf / Film Festival and Finisterre – it’s a collaboration we’re proud of.”

Just 100 of these hand numbered tees were produced and presented to filmmakers, screening panel members and selected guests. The crew at Finisterre have just a few left so if you’d like to get your hands on one, you’d best be quick. You can buy them online HERE.

We caught up with artist Ian Batt to find out about the story behind the artwork. Read below for the interview.


LS/FF // Where did the inspiration for the print come from?

Ian Batt // We looked at the ideas of folk and fringe that are perpetuated through the LS/FF, and actively shied away from overt statements and cliche lifestyle ideals to hopefully offer up something a bit purer and more ambiguous.  Folk, fringe and abstraction are ideas that I instantly associate with the world of traditional print, in particular woodcut. From this print influence it was a fairly straight and short line to draw between that and the idea of making this a numbered edition of tees. During drafting there was a lot of time spent researching, looking at book covers, posters, illustrations and art — the beautiful work of Joe Mclaren probably had the biggest influence.

LS/FF // How did you create the image?

Ian Batt // The illustration itself if a linocut, which was then reversed out to work on the dark ground. The process started with drafting out forms and compositions from the mind with good old pencil and trace, then when I found something I was thought was working, and that something was getting the lovely guys at Finisterre excited, it was a case of strategically removing material from the printing plate surface (linoleum) using the pencil draft as a guide. Personally speaking though, I find the feel of linocut comes from the mark making itself — the carving — so I try to let the process do it’s thing and not get too hung up with whats down on paper. Then the plate is laid up with ink and then pressed to paper to make the impression. From here it was scanned and then made screen print friendly and voila!

LS/FF // How do you feel about working with Finisterre and the London Surf / Film Festival?

Ian Batt // It’s been real. The guys at Finisterre, and Chris and Demi at LS/FF are creating things with real vision, that are pushing a stagnant industry to re-imagine it’s bounds, and that is a great thing to be a part of. Finisterre have been great to be on board with; lots of laughs, a few surfs and smiles for miles. It’s a good crew to roll with.

Ian Batt