Event information reads: 7-9th November 2024, Riverside Studios, London, Surf / Film / Art / Culture

Glass – Photo-book by Lewis Arnold

North Sea Glass shot by Lewis Arnold

There’s something about the North Sea fringes that breeds a special kind of creativity within its surfing tribes. Perhaps it’s the fickle persona of the waves, their all or nothing nature, the long spells of down-time followed by the full bore intensity of a fleeting Arctic groundswell. Perhaps it’s the strong sense of community or the blend of urban and beach lifestyles. Whatever the reason there’s definitely something in the water that stimulates the cultural thirst and artistic output.

This intense focus is personified by award-winning Northeast surf filmmaker and photographer Lewis Arnold. In his latest project GLASS, Lewis taps into these communities to create a limited edition photobook that showcases images, art and writing from across the North Sea nations, all with a surf related connection. “GLASS is a platform for established practitioners as well as emerging talent; younger, up ’n’ coming creatives with original, incisive ideas in surfing,” explains Lewis. “It aims to be inclusive, honest, fully independent, campaigning and free from advertising, allowing it to address some of the big issues within our lifestyle.”

“There are hundreds of surfing communities across the North Sea zone,” says Lewis, “pollinated by surf culture, whilst also influenced by big city culture. Whether it’s writing, film, zines, festivals or art, places like Amsterdam, Stockholm and Edinburgh are producing original and stimulating work that often has no natural home in traditional surf mediums.” GLASS aims to provide a stable for this creative output that sits in the niche that used to be filled by that cherished surf video or well thumbed coffee table book.

You can find out more about this awesome new project via the Kickstarter page HERE and pre-order your copy, supporting an original creative and independent project – as well as scoring some incredible extras including signed art prints and photography sessions.


Image: Lewis Arnold