// Dir. Felix Gänsicke, Ger

Through stunning cinematography, this stylish travelogue reveals the harsh realities and golden rewards of chasing those northern hemisphere swells through the cold waters of the high latitudes taking in Germany, Denmark, Scotland and Iceland. This tight crew explore some of Europe’s most disparate and remote coastlines, finding grinding beach breaks, ruler topped barrels and crystaline walls combed by a bone numbing windchill factor that would test all but the hardiest searchers. True cold water souls.


PLUS International Short:UK Premiere: GET MILES AWAY,  Alex Craig, Can. 10 mins. Ben Gulliver is the internationally renowned filmmaker behind the LS/FF award winning film ‘Fortune Wild’ and Jeremy Koreski is a world class photographer who specialises in cold water surfing. This inspiring short follows the pair as they embark on a helicopter expedition up the Pacific fringes of British Columbia to one of the regions remote reefs, hoping to score epic waves in the ever shifting Canadian weather patterns.

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