Jarrad Vladich

Jarrad Vladich is Executive Producer for Creative Technology at The Mill. His work incorporates all kinds of disciplines, but focusses on interactive content. His visual effects background is extensive though and he’s been producing linear film work for over 10 years.
What are some of the most interesting projects you’ve been part of at The Mill?
Last year’s immersive theatre project for Corona, Paraiso Secreto was a recent highlight. I tagged on a trip to the South West Coast of Mexico after the installation 😉.
The in-game cinematics for Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2013.
Concert Visuals for Blondies 2012 World Tour.
What’s your favourite surf movie and why? 
Volcoms Magna Plasm. Un-apologetic, raw and classic Volcom stylings. The Claymation boxing scene of Bruce vs Andy blew my mind at the time and made me realise that surf movies could be much much more.
How often do you manage to get in the sea?
Depends on the season, but being a Londoner I aim get to the coast each month.
During Winter, more frequent trips to the south coast helps fill the monthly gaps.