Lines on Water charity art auction draws to a close

As the 2014 London Surf / Film Festival charity art auction draws to a close, it’s your last opportunity to own one of the incredible one off pieces created for the “Lines on Water” exhibition in support of #2minutebeachclean and Water Aid.

Great films take the viewer on a journey,” says Festival Director Chris Nelson. “Iconic lines stay with us, becoming sound bites in our every day living, cultural currency shared with like minds. The “Lines on Water” gallery show curated in collaboration with surf collective Approaching Lines, shines a light on the art of story telling.”

LS/FF tasked the UK’s leading surf creative’s to craft a piece of work celebrating the power of words – choosing a phrase or line from a surf movie that resonates with them. The astonishing collection, “Lines on Water’, previewed in London during the London Surf / Film Festival features work from a hugely talented pool of UK artists with a strong connection to the sea including Richard Bull / Bull, Rich Braham / Whale Submarine, Nick Radford / Frootful, Chris Dorning / Moot, Ben Cook / Littoral Drifter, Ed Syder, Steve Wintercroft / Wintercroft, Gemma Chalmers, Zander Grinfeld / Venn, The Lab and Leo Stockley.

Drawing inspiration from cult classics from Big Wednesday to Endless Summer, 10 of the unique pieces are presented as one off A2 poster prints, with Steve Wintercroft’s interpretation of Morning of the Earth rendered as a stunning three dimensional paper sculpture and these exciting pieces are available buy now.

Each of the one-off works are being auctioned with all proceeds going to two great causes Water Aid and #2minutebeachclean. To own one of these unique works please register your bid with Demi Taylor by Saturday 20th December via: [email protected].

All works can be viewed at: