LS/FF 2011 UK Premiere

LOST ATLAS Directed by Kai Neville, AUS, 2011, 45 mins

LS/FF 2011 hosted the official UK Premiere of Kai Neville’s hotly anticipated new release, Lost Atlas which picked up where the iconic Modern Collective left off. This unfiltered view of some of the world’s most progressive surfers presents a paradigm shift in performance surfing cut with candid clips and set to an epic soundtrack. Featuring: Dion Agius, Owen Wright, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Dusty Payne and more this is youth on the run.

“Don’t believe in magic? Have a look at what Kai Neville’s band of winged waveriders are doing in his new film, Lost Atlas” The Surfers Journal