LS/FF 2019 x Allpress Good Times Shindig

Thursday 17th October London Surf / Film Festival 2019 x VANS is heading to our longtime friends Allpress in Dalston for our closing night finale – an evening of surf / film / good times and more with the epic ALUNA Coconut Rum.

We’re super stoked to be hosting the UK Premiere of ‘The Tony Alva Story’. With a side order of sizzling sausages, a liberal dash of Espresso Moontinis – courtesy of good friends Aluna Coconut, plus a round of Sharp’s Offshores, we think it might just be the perfect way to round off this our 9th Edition of LS/FF!

TICKETS ARE £5 >>>> HERE <<<<<

ALL PROFITS TO: The Ocean Clean up

The evening will be kicking off at 7pm at Allpress, Dalston. We’ve lined up an awesome programme of premieres. Alongside the Tony Alva Story we’re showcasing 2 great Shorties – Log Line from British longboard legend Ben Skinner and Transit Dir. Mark Leary. We also have the super talented composer / musician CJ MIRRA in the house with us – if you were at the festival on Saturday and were lucky enough to catch the World Premiere of TRANSLATE you’ll know all about him, if not prepare to have your mind blown… it’s going to be all time!

‘The Tony Alva Story’ Written & Directed by Rick Charnoski & Coan “Buddy” Nichols

One of the key figures in the early evolution of skateboarding from a wholesome, contest based “sport” into the freewheeling art form that it is today was Tony Alva. From humble beginnings to his rise to superstardom as part of the legendary Z-Boys, his inevitable drug-induced implosion and his ultimate rise from the ashes to accept his rightful place as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations of skateboarders the world over.

Tickets for the night deliver this epic premiere, a Sharp’s Offshore, an Aluna Coconut Espresso Moontini to get you in the spirit, good times and a bucket load of stoke! There is rumour of a mighty sausage sizzle!!!! Tickets are limited so grab them while you can!!


ALL PROCEEDS GO TO: The Ocean Clean up