The Shorties 2016

Submissions to the 2016 LS/FF Shorties short film competition will be opening soon!

Short films are a central pillar of modern surf culture, a creative outlet for sharing stories and inspiring stoke. Here at the London Surf / Film Festival we wanted to celebrate the short and give home grown filmmaking talent a platform to bring their visions to the surf world so we established ‘The Shorties’ which has fast become one of the most prestigious short film competitions for surf filmmakers in the world.

While the main festival is a showcase for international filmmaking, The Shorties short film contest is open exclusively to filmmakers from or based in Britain and Ireland. Surfing and surf culture are wide open to interpretation so we welcome film entries of up to 5 minutes in length that explore all aspects and angles through documentary, stop-frame, animation or anything in between from both emerging talents and leading lights.

In this competition, it’s not about whether your waves are big or small, it’s about the way you chose to shoot them. Or don’t. After all there’s more than one way to tell a surf story…

For inspiration, check out this article on Carve about how to make a SHORT film HERE

And check out our past winners:

LS/FF Shortie of the Year 2015: ‘Winter Glow’ Dir. Kev L Smith

LS/FF Shortie of the Year 2014: ‘Out of the Black and Into the Blue’ Dir. Luke Pilbeam

LS/FF Shortie of the Year 2013: ‘Sea Fever’ from Tim Davies.

LS/FF Shortie of the Year 2012: ‘The Shaper’ from Crayfish Films (Rob Lockyear, Richard Pearn, Jeremy Joyce). In 2011 their short ‘Wreckers‘ was runner up in the LS/FF Shorties Contest.

LS/FF Shortie of the Year 2011: ‘Uncommon Ideals’ from Chris McClean and Mark Waters. ‘Uncommon Ideals has gone on to win countless accolades as well as being nominated for the Surfer Poll and the international Vimeo Awards in 2011.