RAW, Dir: Mark Brightwell and Cohan Banfield, AUS, 2012, 54 mins

Official European Premiere. Combining stunning cinematography and an amping sound track to document the world’s best taking on some of the planet’s most awesome waves from the Shipsterns Bluff to macking Chopes. Featuring the likes of Owen Wright, Sion Milosky, Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Kalani Chapman, Laurie Towner, Jamie O’Brien, Alex Gray and with a bone-crunching wipe out section, Raw will inspire, motivate and amaze.

“In Raw: The Movie the surfing is as hard as the soundtrack, with a diverse cast from old-school legend Matt Archibold to up & coming rippers like Owen Wright & John John Florence.” ASL

Rhys Bombaci pulling into a bomb