Alex Knost - Tan Madonna UK Premeire


TAN MADONNA Dir. Alex Knost

Blending cutting edge waveriding with an art house, analogue overlay, artist /surfer/ musician Alex Knost views the smooth lines of Michael February, Lee Ann Curren, Harry Bryant & Karina Rozunko through a fresh lense.

Captured on HD Digital, Super 16mm & Super 8mm by cinematographer Jimmy ‘Jazz’ James across the point breaks of Baja Mexico, Australia, France and Indonesia, accompanied by a soundtrack recorded live on location by Alex & Lee-Ann, this is a big-screen must see.

 A very special screening hosted in person by Alex Knost!

– PLUS –

TRANSLATE Dir. Chris McClean

WORLD PREMIERE: A live, immersive audio visual free surfing experience from multi award-winning filmmaker Chris McClean and composer CJ Mirra. Combining epic waveriding, luscious landscapes, Chris McClean’s trademark rich cinematography and CJ Mirra’s signature sensory soundscapes this is a visceral journey through Europe. Performed live with musicians including Lee-Ann Curren, captures the ephemeral nature of surfing, a moment that cannot be recreated.

A live and immersive A/V performance.

Showing with: SHORTIES Shortlisted film


Alex Knost - Tan Madonna UK Premiere

Alex Knost – Tan Madonna A Very Special Screening

Lee Ann Curren Alex Knost - Tan Madonna UK Premeire

Lee Ann Curren & Alex Knost – sound tracking Tan Madonna

Karina Rozunko Alex Knost - Tan Madonna UK Premeire

Karina Rozunko / Tan Madonna

MIKEY FEBRUARY Alex Knost - Tan Madonna UK Premeire

Mikey February / Tan Madonna