Winner – Yeeew Factor 2013: THE FORTUNE WILD Dir. Ben Gulliver, CAN

A small group of surfers set out to seek their own kind of riches on some of the most remote beaches of the Canadian coast. Starring Peter Devries plus Reid and Arran Jackson, this is an expedition to the far-flung shores of Haida Gwaii, a chain of wave-swept, lushly forested islands off the British Columbia mainland. Surfing, camping and foraging for food on the area’s unspoiled beaches, the three surfers step away from the modern world and into a quieter, more attuned and more self-sufficient existence.

Directed and edited by Ben Gulliver
Produced by Rene Gauthier
Co-Produced by Gwaliga Hart, Michael Reid, Jeremy Koreski, Greg and Nick Grzybowski

The film is a homage to Wes Anderson, I always wished he would make a surf film” – Ben Gulliver

“If Wes Anderson vibes, grizzly bears, Pete Devries, and the vivid wilderness of Canada sounds like a cocktail on which you would like to sip, then The Fortune Wild is a film for you.” STAB Magazine