A Road through Galicia

BEST BRITISH FILM: A Road through Galicia, Dir. Luke Pilbeam (8 min)



WINNER! L to R: Mike Lay, Luke Pilbeam, Elsie Pinniger

From award winning filmmaker Luke Pilbeam comes this beautiful travelogue. Following in the footsteps of a thousand other travellers, Mike Lay, Elsie Pinniger set off on the road west to Galicia. With open minds and a diverse range of surfboards they explore the countless coves of north-west Spain, what it means to travel and whether it is the destination or the getting there that really matters.

Presented by the filmmaker plus surfers Mike Lay & Elsie Pinniger

Directed by Luke Pilbeam // Sound design by Adam Layland // Colourist Matt Holloway // Music Daniel Norgren – Moonshine // Narrative / Voice-over Mike Lay

Road to Galicia // Mike Lay // Nick Pumphrey

Road to Galicia // Elsie Pinniger // Nick Pumphrey