Timmy Turner

Growing up in surf city USA, Huntington Beach, Timmy Turner has carved out a unique place in surfing thanks to his filmmaking and free surfing. Although not his first film, Timmy burst onto the global surfing stage with the film Second Thoughts, a tale of him and friends Brett Swartz and Travis Potter going feral in Indo and riding two of the most incredible waves in the world. They filmed these from all angles; board cams, hand held cams as well as documenting day-to-day life living on a tiny island. The movie was a huge hit and won Surfer Magazine’s film of the year, one of the highest accolades possible. Timmy went on to make the documentary Tsunami Diaries, a tale of delivering aid following the Boxing Day tragedy, giving back to the Indonesia he loved so much.

Timmy then had a fight of his own to contend with, a staph infection moved from his sinuses to his brain and he had to undergo life saving surgery, which resulted in the loss of a third of his skull. It was touch and go for months but somehow he made a full recovery. Advised not to go back to the tropics too quickly, Cold Thoughts was born – a tale of exploration and the search for the perfect cold water wave, which is in production now.