LS/FF 2011 UK Premiere

DARK FALL Directed by Alex DePhillipo, USA, 2010, 72 mins.

 Alex DePhillipo lifts the veil and offers a fascinating insight into a year in the lives of some of New Jersey’s finest surfers. It follows them through waist deep snowdrifts to charge gaping brown barrels, sees them battle the crowds and stifling regulations of the summer season and watches them embrace the joys of an autumn that arrives with the promise of groomed hurricane swells shared with your mates.

  • Winner: Best Feature; New York Surf Film Festival 2010
  • Winner: Viewers Choice; New York Surf Film Festival 2010

Narrated by Andrew Gesler.
Featuring Andrew Gesler, Zack Humphreys, Dean Randazzo, Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Pollioni brothers.
Music by The Parlor Mob, ASG, Jumpship, CKY, Chris Arena, Sabotoge Soundsytem, Bruce Springstein and others.