Posted by LSFF on November 30, 2021 | HOT NEWS, News

Viewer’s Choice – at the heart of it all, it’s about celebrating the films and the filmmakers. Image: Sweet Adventure


LS/FF10 x Vans Viewer’s Choice Award


LS/FF is all about community and we need you to help decide on our LS/FF 10 Viewer’s Choice Award – and there’s a £200 Surfdome voucher up for grabs!

Our Jury is comprised of individuals with a passion for surfing and film making, their backgrounds cover the broad spectrum of waveriding and media, including filmmakers,  producers, commissioning editors, magazine editors, photographers, writers, actors, artists and cutting edge surfers and they decide on who walks away with the awards for: Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Cinematography and Best International Short Film and Best Soundtrack.

However, the prized award, ‘Viewer’s Choice’ is decide on by you, and you alone our esteemed audience of frothers, film lovers, fanatics and surf aficionados! And everyone who supports the creativity that exists in surfing and casts a vote for the LS/FF Viewer’s Choice Award 2021 will be entered into a prize drawn to win a £200 Surfdome voucher. And if you need any help deciding what you might want to spend it on… this might help!

Surfdome Photo: Megan Hemsworth