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THURSDAY Session 1 // 7.00pm >> SOLD OUT

WORLD PREMIERE: Beyond the Noise Dir. Andrew Kaineder

From the multi award winning filmmaker, comes this highly anticipated feature length ode to an Irish Winter, when snow dusted the high grounds and low edges and deep depressions spiralled in the raging North Atlantic. With charger Noah Lane, style master Harrison Roach, and stunning cinematography, not to be missed.

Presented by Director Andrew Kaineder & surfer Noah Lane

Plus short film: UK Premiere NORTH SEA HOLES Dir: Lewis Arnold & Chris McClean

North Sea charger Sandy Kerr takes us home, an intimate and epic snapshot of surfing the UK’s frigid East coast.

Plus short film: UK Premiere Tan Dir. Alena Ehrenbold

Beautiful short exploring the world of a Brittany shaper

Showing withSHORTIES Shortlisted film: 6ft6Sec by Daniel Satchell (5m)


THURSDAY Session 2 // 8.50pm >> TICKETS

UK PREMIERE: Priboi Dir. Kokorev Konstantin 

In Siberia, winter water temperatures average just 2 degrees, snow lays heavy on the beaches and then there are the blizzards to contend with. This is cold water surfing at its very limits. This ground breaking, visually arresting masterpiece is a two year quest across the vastness of the Russian continent, home to some 37,000 km of coastline. A must see surf exploration.

Plus short film: A Lunar Cycle Dir: Andrew Kaineder

Award winning film fusing cold water surfing, dance & poetry, featuring Easkey Britton.

Showing with: SHORTIES Shortlisted film: Tantrum by Giles Carey (5m)

London Surf Film Festival UK Premiere Priboi surfing Russia