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The Adventures of NASASA

UK PREMIERE LS/FF 2016: The Adventures of NASASA, Dir. Ian Lewis (12 min)

Follow the intrepid crew of the National Aeronautics Space and Surfing Administration, or NASASA, as they search the distant solar systems of our galaxy for water covered worlds. Because where there is water, there is…surf! Combining footage and audio from the NASA archives, 16 mm surf footage courtesy of Brian Tissot and additional footage from the Prelinger Archives plus soundtrack by the Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet, this is a journey into the outer reaches of possibility not to be missed.

Showing with:
UK PREMIERE: The Zone  Dir. Jack Coleman, 2016 (35 mins) 
UK PREMIERE: The Road to Galicia, Dir. Luke Pilbeam (8 min)
Presented by surfers Mike Lay & Elsie Pinniger
Shorties shortlisted film (5 min)


The Adventures of NASASA